Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Years!

Happy Anniversary to my hot hubby, James! This is year 7 for us and there is no end in sight, thank goodness. :)

I've been told that we have a unique engagement story, so I thought that I would share it with anybody who may read this. Obviously some details become fuzzy over time, but I will do my best to share as accurate a story as possible.The year was 2002 and I was fresh out of high school. James had been home from his mission for about a year and a half. It was the first day of the college semester (my first day of college period) and James had a friend visiting him. His friend, Clint, strongly encouraged James to muster up some courage and go with him, Clint, to meet some of the girls in James' ward. James had almost zero interest in girls or marriage but came off of his summer vacation with a goal to overcome that. After all, he was almost 22, practically an old man, and he knew it was time to start thinking about marriage. Clint and James knocked on our neighbor's door. A girl answered and politely shrugged them off. They knocked on our door next. I answered and said: "Hi. (hesitantly) ....and, you are?" (I assumed they were there because they knew one of my roommates). James was the one who answered, "In your ward"! Now, to be perfectly honest, I thought it was a lame answer and it kind of put me off. Regardless, I invited them in and they stayed and chatted for about an hour.I didn't think much about this first encounter, but James returned the next day with one of his roommates. He came again the day after that with another roommate, and the day after that with another roommate. Pretty soon he was coming nearly every day. He made so many appearances that I was convinced he liked my roommate, Brittney. As a result, I didn't spend much time talking to James because I didn't think he was there for me. If you ask him, he'll say he kept coming over because he thought we were a fun bunch of girls, but that was it.A couple of months went by and my roommate Brittney began to date James' roommate Casey. Here is where the story gets odd and confusing so just go with it. During many late night conversations in both of our apartments, I was told by Brittney that Casey told her that James was interested in me. James was told by Casey that Brittney told him that I had told her that I was interested in James. James and I have compared our stories and can't figure out why Casey and Brittney said those things because James and I had never been interested in each other at all. Thankfully some of this miscommunication did happen because being told that James was interested in me made me consider him as a viable option as a boyfriend. The affect of James being told that I liked him made him convinced that he needed to make me be his girlfriend. No joke. He started coming over and telling me that I needed to stop wasting my time with another guy I was kind of seeing at the time and be James' girlfriend. I wanted to date James but I had just started committing time to this other guy, Joel, and didn't feel like I could just break it off for James. I barely knew James! Every time he had come over, he only spent time with my roommates Brittney and Ashley.Over the period of one week James came over every day and tried to talk me into breaking things off with Joel because James wanted me to be his girlfriend. (I'm not kidding, those were his words. Not "date" but "boyfriend/girlfriend".) I was becoming so confused and overwhelmed and didn't know what to do.It was the last day of the week, Sunday, and James was at my apartment, once again trying to convince me to be his girlfriend. We were having a debate of what decision I needed to make when my roommate/bestest friend in the world, Carlee walked through the room. In passing she said to James: "Just propose to her. She'll say yes and have to break up with Joel". James looked at me and asked if that was true. I considered it for a second before saying, "yes". Case closed. We went to ward prayer that night and I told Joel it was over. Three days later James went to the temple to pray about me and came back to my apartment so we could talk things over some more. (We still hadn't been on a single date yet.) James told me that he would like to date me and he felt good about that decision. My response was, "Well sure, dating would be good. But the way I look at it is this: If we date, we will get engaged, and of coursed married". James hesitantly agreed that this sounded accurate to him. That was all I needed to hear. From that moment on I was telling people that we were engaged. That frightened him a bit (I've since learned) but he is such a shy guy that he couldn't tell me that he didn't really believe we were engaged. But, since he never said anything, we were engaged! He gave me my ring two months later and we were married 4 months after that.
It has been so much fun to be married to James and I am grateful to Brittney and Casey for doing whatever they did that made James and me interested in one another. I am grateful to James for having a back bone to tell me to break up with Joel, but no back bone when it came to telling me that he didn't really know if he wanted to marry me. Sometimes I fear that he married me simply because he didn't have the heart to tell me that it wasn't what he really wanted.

Regardless of how we got engaged, it's been an awesome 7 years and I am completely psyched to see how the next 7 turn out.

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