Monday, March 1, 2010

We're Baaaaaaaack!

And we had SO much fun! However, we're not big picture takers, so believe me when I tell you, this is every single picture we took. And, pretty much in this order.

This picture isn't so great, but I thought it would be good to share EVERY picture we took. I wanted to take this to show the castle in the back, but as you can see, it really only showcases how James has a hard time keeping his eyes open for pictures, and we should have turned off the flash.
You know how they always take your picture while on the rides? This is the picture we took of the picture they took of us on Space Mountain. That's why it's blurry.
Classic picture. How come Utah doesn't look like this in February?
Preparing to enter Indiana Jones ride. It rained on us that morning. Hence the slicker that I was wearing in the above picture. However, the slickers didn't prevent water soaking our pants. Check out our soaked pants in the next two pictures.
I'm either frightened to be going on Indiana Jones, or I'm shivering with cold from the wet pants.
Goof and Goofy. Goofy was much taller than James.
I had to squat really low because I was much taller than Mickey.
We really did have such a great time, mostly due to the fact that we knew our kids were being so well taken care of by my sister and her hubby. The kids didn't seemed too phased by our disappearance or our return. I guess they don't really love us. Actually, we woke Logan up when we got home and he seemed very hyper and excited to talk to me, but would get mad if James came near him. Odd.
Now we are planning our next trip to Disneyland, but this next time we will take our kids. :)


carlee said...

I kind of love your shivering/scared of IJ pic, ha! Looks like it was a good time :)

Michelle said...

Great faces on Space Mountain!