Friday, March 19, 2010

Can't Sleep

Ever since Lizzy was born I've had trouble falling asleep. I just can't seem to shut my brain off. Tonight (Friday night) is one of those nights but the problem is compounded with the fact that I took a nap earlier today. I knew better, but I was SO tired! I'm paying for it now and so are all of you who read this. I have nothing better to do at 12:10 AM than to write a blog post about how I can't sleep.

So....what random ramblings can I regale you all with? Lets see; an interesting observance is that Lizzy must be a light sleeper. She keeps making noise in her crib, but I'm usually asleep at this hour, so I'm not aware of it.

I need more material. I can't come up with anything to share. How about some random trivia about me? Ok.

In high school and the early years of our marriage, I would religiously paint my nails once a week. Now it's about once a month. But I do own a lot of nail polish. I counted over 20 bottles the other day. I would also like to point out that I go through it regularly and throw away bottles that I haven't used in the last year or so.

Nobody is happy with how their body looks, right? There is always something they would change about it. Well, I wouldn't change a thing about my feet. I've always felt that I got lucky in the feet looks department. I'm sure they're nothing great, but I've always thought about going into foot modeling if I needed the extra money.

I used to color my hair at least once a month. I would get so bored with how it looked, and that was the quickest way to change it. Now I can't remember the last time I had it colored. I would still love to have it colored on a regular basis, but our bank account just doesn't agree with me.

I like to bake. I know that this is common knowledge, but I want to point out that even though I like to bake, that does not mean that I make the best of anything. It's quite the contrary actually. I feel like everything I make is just mediocre, but I just enjoy the process. I'm still on the search for the perfect cake recipes. I haven't found them yet. In fact, I've had one lady order three different birthday cakes from me, all white cake. I used a different recipe every time! I should have asked her which one she liked the best.

I wish I was really good at just one thing. Something that nobody else that I knew was better than me at it. I like to sing, but my sister-in-law can out sing me. I like to play the piano, but almost all of my siblings can play better than me. I wish I was a good writer, but I just fail miserably at that and could name a million people that I know who are better than me at that. I wish I was a fantastic cake decorator. Unfortunately I just do the best job I can to copy a cake that I find a picture of.

Things on my wish list: lasik surgery, new living room furniture, all the cake decorating supplies I've ever needed/wanted, a second car, to go on a cruise (this is really number one on my wish list), a house that people didn't mistake for a town house or an apartment, more children, a bigger kitchen, ummm......maybe that's it.

I really should try and go to bed now. I just hate laying in bed and flopping around for two hours until I'm finally blessed with the sweet release of sleep. I'll just end with one more thought.

I've felt very blessed these last few weeks. There has been no particular reason for it. Mostly I think it has come from spending time with friends and feeling like I matter to someone. In my personal prayers last night I thanked my Heavenly Father for these good feelings I've been having. I know that they don't last forever, and in fact, they just come in waves. I asked Him to help me remember and keep these happy thoughts close to my heart when the inevitable happens, and I have a bad day or week or month. Thank you to everybody who makes my life the happy one that it is!


Salina said...

Here's a bit of advice from a fellow insomniac!! I've always had a harder time falling asleep since having kids, but with Carissa it was nearly impossible, and unfortunately it just hasn't gotten any better! So I ALWAYS have something to read to take my mind away from the "daily to do list" that is always rattling around in your head somewhere and you can't turn it off. And if that doesn't work, I keep a small handheld game next to my bed. Most of the time it's solitaire, but I've been known to grab the Uno game or the Yahtzee game as well. Anything to do to make me "bored" and doesn't reaquire any brain power! Hope this helps you get some sleep! (and NOT napping is pretty crucial too...hard...but crucial to getting "night" sleep! Good luck! (And I think you have a fantastic voice, don't sell yourself short!! Celebrate your talents, even if others are "better" than you, there are still some that wish they could "just a little"!!!

Rob, Jocelyn, and Rylee said...

Hey I think you are the best at cake decorating sill girl. You really are good at alot of things and I wish I could say the same. Maybe it is good to be so good at so many things, you can be perfect later in heaven :). for now you should be happ to lknow that I think you have many talents, Like being a good friend :)