Monday, January 20, 2014

Lizzy Turns 5!

Even though I've had a month to get used to the idea, I still can't believe my little Lizzy Girl is 5 years old. I am the lamest mom that ever existed, and I have very few pictures from her big day. I have even less of Christmas, so yeah, I'm lame. 

 Birthday donut tower!
 She opened her gifts first thing in the morning, like 6:45 in the morning. We wanted Logan to be part of the festivities before he had to go to school.
 To make her birthday special, we met up with family and friends, and went bowling that night. It was a first for all three of the kids, and they all loved it.
 By the time we had all finished our bowling games, it was getting late. We rushed through singing "Happy Birthday" and then cut into her Dora cake. Sorry I don't have a better picture of it! (I'm sorry for myself!)
Lizzy Girl, you are so big, in many ways. You want to be a part of everything that is going on, all while attached to my body. Happy or sad, you want to be hugging me, or hanging on to me. Most of the time it is really sweet, but I'll admit, it can be a bit much some times!  But, it's what makes you you.

 You are such a smart girl. You make up your own songs all the time, and you say the SILLIEST things!  You will go into in-depth detail telling me stories about conversations you had with Jesus, or give me lectures on why people shouldn't call dogs "crazy". I can tell your brain is working hard in those moments; however, you can be so easy going that you can't focus on anything!  I've been working with you on reading. You are extremely resistant to it, but for some reason, you learned how to read the words, "jump" and "little". At this point, you can't read any other words.  You don't want to! I can tell you are so smart though, that when you decide you want to read, you will learn fast.

I know you like to learn because we can turn your bad days upside down when we tell you that it is a preschool day!  You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to school.  In fact, on your birthday, you declared that you were going to kindergarten that day!  I was sad to inform you that you still had to wait another 9 months.  But, as is your nature, you took the bad news well, smiled, and enthusiastically said, "OK"!

You didn't pick up Logan's (or your Dad's) habit for cleanliness and organization, but that's ok. You are one tough cookie.  You often demonstrate your capacity to take pain, or to brush some unpleasantness off like it was nothing. I've witnessed you cut yourself and bleed, just to look at it, grimace and say, "It's OK Mom, I'm OK".

You also make friends fast. Even though you prefer to play by yourself, you warm up fast to strangers and you get silly with them very fast.

Thanks for being you Elizabeth. You are a special spirit, and I love that you are a part of our family.

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