Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Many Faces

of Siri:

 Where's your tongue?
 Angry face.
 Happy face.
 Crazy face.
 Silly face.
 Mean face. (These is her favorite face to make.)

Siri is well known for the faces she pulls. She most often likes do make them while going to the bathroom, during dinner, and during prayers.

She is also a great copy cat and a mischief maker.
 She always has to be doing what Lizzy is doing. I will have two great bakers one day.
 She definitely has preferences. When going out for ice cream, she got angry when we took this licorice ice cream cone away from her and gave her cotton candy ice cream, which she definitely didn't like.
 She enjoys making giant messes for the sake of making a giant mess.
 This baby also loves, loves, loves, any kind of treats. Here she is enjoying a donut. (Lizzy enjoyed her donut faster than Siri.)
Prime example of my dare devil child.  It is also a prime example of her determination to get whatever she wants.

Clearly I need to take more pictures of my other children.

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