Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Siri's Birthday...Nearly 3 Months Late

I'm getting super lazy at blogging. It's hard to know why I even blog anymore, but I do know I have  few faithful readers, so these are for you!

Siri had her birthday back at the beginning of July. We are not big party people, but we do sing happy birthday and eat cake. 

The morning started with her birthday donuts. She was a little scared of the candle flames, and refused to blow them out. 
 James did it for her.
 She got some new toys from her Grandma Ward.
 Siri loves taking care of "babies" and seems to always have one wrapped up in a doll blanket somewhere. If she ever sees anybody else pushing a stroller, she will scream at them and take it away.
 In the evening, we headed over to Grandma Idaho's house for some S'more cupcakes. They were yummy!
 Siri got some new clothes, which she loves. She is a clothes snob, and is very particular about what she wears. She also absolutely insists on dressing herself.
 James and I totally spaced giving her our present until the next day. (See, not party people!  Who forgets to give their own child their birthday present?)

Siri is a fireball. She climbs, plays with things that are off limits, thinks she can start her own shows, wants to do everything by herself, wants her daddy to tell her she's pretty, is a daredevil, pulls ridiculous faces at dinner time, will be goofy at the drop of a hat, will scream instantly if she doesn't want you looking at her, touching her, or talking to her, picks up all bugs and arachnids fearlessly, and makes us laugh every day.

Her insistence at doing so much by herself, encouraged me to potty train her just a month after her birthday.
She grasped the concept immediately, but we still struggled with daily accidents for a solid month or more. She is now 99% accident free and I am loving no diapers.

The only drawback I have found to having Siri potty trained (could there really be one?) is that she soon figured out that if she wants our attention, all she has to do is tell us she needs to pee. This is especially frustrating during church/sacrament meeting when she asks to use the restroom constantly.

One of Siri's funnier attributes is her ability to cheer up. She will throw a fit over nothing and in one second flat will be in hysterics. When she does this we tell her to go to her room, and usually she obeys. She will toddle to her room, crying hysterically, close her door, cry for about 30 more seconds, then come out laughing! It's ridiculous and we can't figure out why she becomes so happy so quickly; but, we love it. I keep meaning to get it on video.

I would say that Siri has James wrapped around her finger, except that she doesn't. He loves her to death, and is a bit of a push over when she asks for things, but I have also seen him put his foot down. That's a relief. Regardless, those two have WAY too much fun with each other. They are two peas in a pod. They must have bonded instantly when James delivered her.

Siri is still working on growing her hair. It is finally long enough to put it in ponies, but she just pulls them out. I guess she hates how they feel, having not had anything in her (complete lack of) hair for the first two years of her life.

That is our Siri. I know I'm leaving out a million fun details about her life and personality, but this is all I got for now.

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