Monday, June 24, 2013

Logan Turns 7!

Logan turned 7 on Saturday. He had a great day. We started the morning with his tower of donuts. 7 of them, to be exact. 

 Following donuts, he opened he birthday cards and presents. Our home teacher, who hasn't even been our home teacher long enough yet to have made an actual visit, brought Logan a card with $5!
 Notice Siri, ready to pounce on some donuts.
 James and I gave him a shirt and a bag of hot chips. He was very excited about the chips.
 His Grandma Ward, drove up to spend the day with him on his birthday. She also spoiled him rotten with gifts. Something about turning 7 means she goes overboard with the gifts. Logan has already informed us that he knows he will get lots of "church" presents for his birthday next year. Smart kid.
 He spent the day playing with his cousin, Morgan, before we all went to Grandma Idaho's house for dinner and cake.
 Logan requested a cake with Logan/Wolverine on it.  Appropriate, since we named him after Wolverine.
 After cake, James rode up to the house with Logan's main present from us, a green machine. It's basically a glorified big wheel.
He pretty much loves it and so does James. James and his siblings had a green machine growing up, so it was fun seeing all them be excited for Logan to get his green machine.

I seem to be missing the pictures I took of Logan opening his presents from his Grandma Idaho. She got him some clothes and candy. I'm surprised how much Logan likes clothes, but he was excited to wear his new pajamas that night and outfit the next day.

It really was the perfect day for Logan. I can't believe my baby boy is 7.

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