Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Sleeping Beauties/Blessings

James has got to be the most helpful husband and father on the planet. I have yet to meet another husband that does as much to help me and the kids as James does. (I'm sure they exist, but I'm totally partial to James.) I don't know why James is as great as he is, because from what I hear, his Dad lived to work and not much else. He was the type that literally changed zero diapers.  To contrast that, sometimes James gets mad at me when I won't let him change a diaper. Or do the laundry. Or clean the dishes. No joke. 

With all that being said, I feel a lot more frazzled lately. Spring has sprung, and that means James leaves at 6:00 in the morning, and doesn't get home until 9:00 or later, at night. I've lost my helper. 

This has done two things to me. Number one, I've become just a little more crazy and earned more gray hairs, and number two, I've had to focus a lot more on my kids and I've grown to love them just a little bit more. 

Logan is the king of arguing, bargaining, etc. Holy cow is it annoying. But he is also very sensitive to when I am over my head crazy and can't handle his "not listening" a second longer. He knows when to give a much needed hug and will often vow to listen better and be the best boy he can be. He begs for one of us to cuddle with him at night and just talk. Oh boy, how I hope that never changes. 

She is the cuddle bug in our family. This girl is so touchy feely that you don't know if you want to scream because she keeps stroking your face, or if you want give her the biggest bear hug in appreciation for loving you unconditionally. She will cry at the drop of a hat if you say something mean to her, but if she nearly cuts a limb off, she is basically as cool as a cucumber. The girl can take pain. She is our sensitive, tough child. 

I was thumbing through my sparsely written in journal the other day, and noticed something. A lot of my entries mention how much Siri cries. {sigh}  It can be so draining. When this (nearly 2!) baby isn't crying, she is cracking us up. She has got the most amazing facial expressions and she knows how to use them to her advantage to get what she wants. In fact, she is most often referred to as the face she is currently making. "Crazy Face", "Naughty Face", "Mean Face", "Happy Face".  She has the most nicknames of anybody I know. She is one smart cookie too. Perhaps that comes from being number three, but she catches on to things very quickly, and I am crazily contemplating starting potty training. We're going to give it a go in about 2 weeks. She is so spunky and she keeps us on our toes, in a good and bad way.  

Speaking of my kids, it's time to feed them lunch. 


Jen and Fielding said...

Well, they look sweet. (don't they all when they sleep?) But it is really nice to know that regardless of how crazy kids can drive you there is hope.

You're a fantastic mom and I love the short paragraphs on each one of your kids.

jen said...

Alicia, I am catching up and loving the descriptions of your sweet ones. You're a good mom, attentive and sacrificing time for them and just loving them is everything they need! I needed your example tonight!