Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Going Out of Style

It seems to me that most of my friends who were once avid bloggers have become infrequent to non-existent bloggers, much like myself. So, it begs the question: is blogging going out of style?  I remember a certain college class in the year 2005. My professor had just gotten back from some conference of some sort or another. He was SO excited about the new thing he had just learned about called "blogging".   I thought it was the dumbest sounding word in the world.  Anyway, I do love the idea of blogs, and I love reading other people's blogs, so I hope that they don't stop, or that they start again. 

It's been a few months since my last post, so here are a few pictures to recap the randomness of our lives.
 I have cute kids don't I?  Logan looks especially cute with a baby hat on his head.
 Logan and Lizzy spend the most time with these cousins, Eva and Mallory. They can often be found on the couch eating popcorn and watching a show. That grandma of their's can also often be found on the couch sewing.
 Siri is still the most popular member of the family. She gets the most hugs and kisses. Today Logan started calling her his "bestest trophy".
 Like most babies, she is fond of toothbrushes.
 Ummm....I don't remember why this picture was taken.
 As you can see, Lizzy got into make-up one day. She thought foundation was lipstick I guess. I kind of think it's a good look for her.
 Beautiful girls.  Siri is giving you her bugged out eyes look that is still common on her.
 Cowboy and cowgirl. Logan found a holster that belonged to/was made by my dad.  He uses it to carry his rifle. In his regular toy holster he is carrying a church shoe with Iron Man inside the shoe. I wish you could see it in the picture.
 And these two pictures just demonstrate the basics of us.
 I'm notorious for being incapable of making a normal face for a picture. I start out with a normal face, but I can sense when the picture taker is about to take the picture, and some how I end up with a  strange look on my face for the picture.
Only 3ish good snows for the season and we finally got around to building a snowman after the last one. He's pretty tall too, but it was no match for the hot sun next day. Poor Frosty was a gonner only 24 hours later.

Maybe I'll update again soon. Maybe I won't...

Maybe you don't care.

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Alexie said...

I Care! keep updating... I'll check. :o)