Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lost Self Identity

I just scrolled through the most recent pictures I've taken of Logan in the last few months. Let me share a few of them (ok, most of them; we don't take many pictures) with you.

Notice anything in common? Yep, that red cowboy hat.

One day I was at Wal-Mart, saw this hat for $5, and on a whim I bought it. My original thought was that both Logan and Lizzy would enjoy playing dress up with it. In fact Lizzy, wore it pretty much the whole day that day. Somehow, with out our noticing it, Logan started wearing this hat Every. Single. Day. There are very few moments that Logan does not have it on his head, and occasionally, in those moments, Lizzy will get her hands on it. This freaks Logan out to the extreme, and he'll rip it out of her hands, which of course is always followed by hysterical screaming from Lizzy.

One night, earlier this week, James was gone, it was bedtime, and my nerves were frayed. Logan had taken off his hat for the night, and of course, Lizzy got her hands on it. Reacting as he normally does, Logan quickly reclaimed what he thinks belongs to him. Lizzy's screaming was a little too much for my frayed nerves.  I confiscated the hat and told Logan that the hat does not belong to him, it belongs to me. As punishment for being mean to Lizzy, he was not allowed to wear the hat the next day. If I thought Lizzy was crying hysterically, I was wrong. Logan's crying trumped hers.  He tried to argue with me about wearing his hat, but I kept insisting that he would not be allowed to wear the hat the next day. As his last resort of an argument, he said, through snot and tears, "but Mom, if I don't wear my hat, I won't be me"!

Somehow Logan still managed to be himself the next day, but his hat wearing resumed without fail the day after.

Look! He's hatless!


Jenny Gamboa said...

Soooo hilarious...."but mom I won't be myself!" and kudos to you for holding your ground....I think I might have reacted badly in that situation (ie. thrown the hat back at him and declared loudly "FINE wear your hat!" .....I mean of COURSE I would not have done that. ever. ;)

Carlee said...

Ahahaha! I love that story. Funny kid :)