Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Joys of Pregnancy

I can think of a few. (Keep in mind, I don't enjoy all of these, so I'll put a star next to the ones that I do enjoy at one point or another during pregnancy.)

*Throwing up
*Stretch Marks
*Swollen Feet
*Swollen hands
*Swollen everything
*Eczema so bad you feel like your bones are itching
*Lack of sleep because you are SO uncomfortable
Broken ribs
*Husband comments on how you look like a beached whale (he meant this in love, and I was not offended)
*Back aches
*Out of control weight gain
"The Mask" of pregnancy
*Having to pee in a cup every 4 then 2, then 1 weeks, and missing the cup because your belly is SO big you can't see what you're doing
*Taking horse pills every day (aka prenatal supplements), and oh yeah, the iron one too because your baby is sucking all of that away from you
*Cavities because the baby wants your calcium too
*The indignity of maternity pants
*Pubis symphisis dysfunction (you don't know it, but it hurts)
*Walking like a penguin
*Averaging 3 trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night

I've missed some. I know it. Why the list you ask?  Because of the last one on the list. The trips to the bathroom. I was on my second trip (it was only 11:15 and I had turned off the light at 10:45) and I realized how BLESSED I am to have indoor plumbing. Seriously, I can't imagine having to hike out to the outhouse 5 times a night, in a foot of snow, just because this baby loves hanging out on my bladder. The thought was almost enough to get me out of bed a third time to give that porcelain thrown a kiss.

I resisted.

 8 months pregnant with Logan
 8 months pregnant with Lizzy
 6 months pregnant now
 Newborn Logan
Newborn Lizzy

And here's where I am longing to see a newborn picture of Siri. 3 more months.

This post may seem like just a long list of complaints, but I followed it up with the most precious pictures you can imagine. I wouldn't trade the gift of being pregnant with my own children for anything. My heart breaks for the way too many couples who are infertile. Despite the many "hardships" of pregnancy, it really is a wonderful, magical experience. My Heavenly Father has blessed me greatly. 

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Kathy Rose said...

Great post Alicia! Even though pregnancy is so difficult at times, I wouldn't give it up for anything. It really is amazing. It's so sad that there are so many couples that are not able to have children and then to have those idiot women who have abortions just because they don't want to have a baby!!! a little carried away there. :) Can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby!