Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Western Carribean Cruise

A few highlights from our cruise:
 James and his brother Matt climbing the rock wall on the ship.

 The rock wall climbing champions.
 Me and my love feeling fancy on formal night.
 When we returned from dinner, this cute pup, wearing my sunglasses, was waiting for us.
 The view in Roatan, Honduras.
 A guide saw me taking the above picture and took pity on us. He took this picture for us.
 All harnessed up and ready for the zip line.
 This is me. I don't know how well you can tell, but the drop below was quite astounding.
 My sexy man going as fast as he can on the zip line. (You get to control your own speed.)
 Proof that we ate well, and had a great view while doing it.
 This was our ship docked in Roatan.
 I know you're all checking out my hot hubby, so you won't notice my crazy sunburned chest.
This was the beach we played at in Belize.
 A view of the dock in Belize.
 The other side of the dock in Belize.
 We found our own beach to play on in Cozumel. Do you see the little crab by the tip of nose?
 Here is little crab's close up. I liked following him around. I think he wasn't so fond of me though.
 Click on the picture for a close up. Matt had just pelted James with a sand ball.
 I was sad not to have any buckets to make a sand castle with, so I used the skills I had and made a sand cake. Don't you like the sea shell topper and sea weed "flowers"?
 A couple of monkeys. This is James' "must keep my eyes open for the picture" look.
 Queen of the world.
 King of the world.
Last night at dinner. Starting at the bottom left, moving from left to right, then up and to the left again:
Jenny (sister), Becky (sister), Scott (Becky's hubby), Mandy (sister), Jason (Mandy's hubby,) up, Me (James' wife) James (coolest person in the world), Roy (Dixie's hubby), Dixie (Mom), Matt (brother), Ramie (Matt's wifey), Doug (Jenny's hubby).

Man, what a trip. We had a lot of fun but we were glad to come home to be grown ups again. Believe me, sometimes we did not act like grownups while on this trip.

The highlights of our trip that aren't photographed include me and Dixie singing Karaoke, Jason becoming the ships belly flop champion, watching Mandy plow over two old women so she could win a point for the women in the battle of the sexes game, watching the love and marriage show and laughing till our sides hurt, holding a jelly fish, seeing dolphins, playing the Quest game which included James wearing lipstick among other things, and many more fun activities. 

When we got home, we compared notes with my Mom who had also just gotten home from a cruise. She's cruised a quite a bit, and we wondered if she had every cruised with Royal Caribbean. She hadn't. And from what it sounded like, Royal Caribbean is the way to go. James and I were blown away by how incredibly nice the whole staff was.  Too bad they haven't paid me for this free advertising, but I would completely and totally recommend cruising with Royal Caribbean. It was awesome!


Mindee said...

Royal Caribbean is definitely awesome! It looks like you had a TON of fun, too bad you got such a yucky sunburn :(

Melinda said...

AHHH so jealous!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I'm even jealous you got sunburned!! I want to see the sun!

Kathy Rose said...

I'm still so sad that I missed this. It would've been so fun to have been there with everyone. That picture of Matt throwing sand at James just makes me laugh. It's so them! :) Sounds like you guys had so much fun! Hopefully the next time everyone goes we can go too.

Michelle said...

Cruising is definitely the way to see the world. I'm determined to go on a cruise in every part of the world by the time I die.

kip said...

super cute pics i am so jealous, I am glad you got to go